Welcome to FordUAE

We are proud to be the first society for all Ford owners.
We are a non-profit and self funded club and our goal is a well organized base for all of us where we can share knowledge/ information, get together in events/trips and have fun

About Us

Welcome! This is the home of Ford UAE Club, The Capital Off-road Club and on-road.  

By entering the world of Ford UAE Club, you have made the best choice for family orientated off-road and outdoor fun.  

Ford UAE Club was founded in summer 2017, our aim is to have all groups of fords in one place so we can share our knowledge and experience.  

Most of all, we are not a profitable society and non-fundable by anyone, plus we are not from premium motors or any ford company.  

For any information, feel free to contact me on 0509083777. 

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